How To Cure Cancer (AIDS, too!)

“PATHWAYS TO HEALTH: How To Cure Cancer” by Raymond Francis

In 1950, 1 in 5 Americans could expect to get cancer.
In 1970, the odds were 1 in 4. Now, they are 1 in 3, and
still rising. Since 1971, when President Nixon declared the
“war on cancer,” Modern Medicine has spent over $35 billion
on cancer research and over $1 trillion on treatment. After
all that money, doctors still can’t sure cancer, and the
death rate is increasing. Is there something wrong with this

What causes cancer? The same things that cause any
disease: poor nutrition, toxic buildup, stress, and lack of
exercise. Virtually all Americans are short essential
nutrients. This causes metabolic imbalances and lowers
overall resistance to disease. Toxins can trigger cancer by
damaging DNA while suppressing the immune system. Suboptimal
nutrition and toxic buildup have made cancer the leading
cause of death for children. The average American child, by
the time they reach the age of five, has already
bioaccumulated the maximum allowable lifetime-dose of five
categories of carcinogens. Stress can suppress the immune
system, making the host more vulnerable to infections and
cancer. Exercise is essential to good health, but most
Americans are sedentary. While 1 out of 3 Americans will get
cancer, only 1 out of 7 physically active people will get

How do you prevent cancer? First of all, eat a good
diet and take high quality nutritional supplements. The
problem is very few people make the effort to learn how to
get good nutrition. Avoid environmental toxins. About 80% of
the average person’s pesticide load comes from meat and
dairy, so stop eating them. Don’t take recreational or
prescription drugs. Take up meditation or some other daily
stress reduction technique. Get plenty of regular exercise.
Avoid electromagnetic stress. Don’t keep an electric clock
near your bed. Don’t live near high voltage power lines or
transformers. Don’t use electric blankets, hair dryers,

How do you cure cancer? Modern Medicine treats cancer
with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Surgery removes
essential body tissue, and lowers overall competence.
Chemotherapy destroys the immune system, and increases risk
of death from infections and other cancers. Radiation is
known to cause cancer. What is singularly lacking is any
effort to rebuild the body’s own immune defense and repair
systems. For example, a zinc deficiency lowers immune
competence, and over the long-term can cause cancer. Zinc
supplementation is therefore essential to reversing the
cancer, but it’s not part of conventional treatment.
Incidentally, most Americans are zinc deficient because our
soils have been depleted of this mineral.

A study was done on 200 cancer patients who had
experienced “spontaneous remission.” Doctors call these
remissions “miracles.” They’re NOT miracles. Here’s how
they did it. Eighty seven percent of them fundamentally
changed their diets – mostly to vegetarian. All of the 200
made changes in their lives including nutritional
supplementation and detoxification techniques. What this
and other studies are telling us is that cancer can be cured
by fundamentally changing the chemistry that created it.
In addition to eating a good diet, reducing toxic
loads, reducing stress, and getting exercise, there are
supplements that are known to help reverse cancer. These
are: potassium, vitamin C, beta-carotene vitamin E,
quercitin, zinc, vitamin B-6, essential fatty acids [such as
borage, flax seed and evening primrose oils], and coenzyme
Q10. There are anticancer agents in foods like garlic,
seaweed, tomatoes, dark leafy vegetables, and cruciferous
vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. Herbs such as Essiac
tea, Jason Winters tea, Pau D’ Arco tea, Astragalas,
Siberian Ginsing, and Ginkgo biloba have also shown
anticancer activity.

On the bottom line, virtually any disease can be
reversed by correcting the metabolic imbalances which caused
the problem. For the most part, health is a choice. By
making right choices, we can both prevent and cure disease –
including cancer.

Copyright 1995, Raymond Francis

[Raymond Francis is an M.I.T.-trained scientist who has
spent the last nine years researching cellular biochemistry.
He is an internationally known health expert.

One final note: My good friend Brian Coyle–quoted in the
book “Why We Will Never Win The War On AIDS” by
Duesberg/Ellison–has lived 12 years with an “AIDS”
diagnosis. Brian is doing well. All of the health tips
mentioned in the above article have been regularly utilized
by Brian. He is living proof that what Francis recommends
truly does work.

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