HIV vs. Hepatitis C

by Raul Vergini, MD

On 25/08/96 Omer wrote:

….Is there significant difference in quality of the scientific research
concerning HIV and AIDS vs. that which concerns itself with Hepatitis C?

In other words, does the body of knowledge about Hepatitis C suffer, too,
from the ambiguities, contradictions, unfounded assumptions etc. – which
the HIV/AIDS body of knowledge suffers from?
— Omer

Yes, it seems to be so. Regarding this matter, I post here an answer by
Dr.Stefan Lanka (the virologist that affirms that HIV never was) to a
question about Hepatitis C (published on Continuum magazine vol.4 no.1).

The Hepatitis-C virus was never a reality or even an artefact, only an
invention. After the riddle around Hepatitis-B virus (HBV) – still “not
available for experiments” – was set so the general public had the
impression the Hep-B antibody test really detects antibodies formed in
reaction to infection with HBV (and the vaccination programme against it was
established), innovative scientists filled the gap in explaining hepatitis
without antibodies against hepatitis-A virus (HAV) and HBV as “a viral non-A
non-B Hepatitis”. As in the case of the illnesses grouped under the
artificial diagnosis “AIDS”, it didn’t occur to them to mention other well
known reasons for Hepatitis, e.g. alcool and bad diets.

It was then just a matter of years until some US scientists with corporate
backing came up with an antibody test, using only synthetic proteins
produced on the basis of some genetic sequences which were defined, in an ad
hoc act, as being part of the genetic sequence of “Hepatitis-C virus” (HCV).
These tests simply use some synthetic, non viral proteins, that were never
even said to be taken from a virus!

So, like all such tests, the HCV test can have no diagnostic value
whatsoever. Everybody who claims otherwise is acting irresponsably, and in
the case of medical doctors, have no real ethical values: the result of a
positive HCV test frightens people, who are then in danger of treatment with
problematic medications in high concentrations (interferons) and their
bodies may be damaged by psychosomatic reactions. Just ignore the result,
and avoid contact with any medical staff who believe in HCV and if possible
start legal action against them. This may be healing not only for you but
for others too. So, look out for a young responsible scientist to help you.
The older ones have failed badly by challenging nothing>>

I hope this can be useful to you and to the discussion

Raul Vergini, MD

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